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Capturing and sharing videos quickly hasn’t always been easy. Until now.

Best Bitzz is a quick video app that takes out the complexity of recording, trimming, and sharing video clips. Simply choose your lead time and start recording using the built-in camera on your mobile device. Once you’ve captured your favorite moment just tap the button to stop filming. The app instantly trims and prepares your video for viewing or sharing based on the lead time you selected. For best results, use a third-party messaging app such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger or Viber to share.

Available for iPhone and Android.

Capture, trim and share your videos instantly.

With the Best Bitzz app, you won’t find silly filters, or features you don’t need, just the easiest way to share your very best video clips and moments instantly.

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Keep only the best part of your video.


Lead Time Selector

Choose from 5 seconds up to a minute of lead time. Everything before your lead time gets automatically removed.

Auto Trim

With a simple tap of a button, the app removes everything but your best clip. Just like that, your video is ready to rewatch or share.

Easy Sharing

Select your perfectly sized video clip from the gallery.  Save to watch again and again, or share with friends and family with an instant message, or post on your favorite social media site.

Sharing is so much easier.

With the Best Bitzz app, your videos are perfectly sized for today’s short attention spans. Simply choose a video from the gallery and upload it to your favorite social media site or send via your messaging app, all within Best Bitzz.

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Our Story

The idea for Best Bitzz was conceived one Saturday morning by a soccer Dad who just wanted an easy way to share his kid’s activities with family and friends around the world. Frustrated by the lack of apps designed to shoot, trim and share videos he decided to make his own. Best Bitzz offers an easy to use app made just for Mom’s and Dad’s to share the best moments. 

Best Bitzz proudly supports the Special Olympics of Virginia and is looking to support other organizations. Follow Best Bitzz on social media to learn more about how you can help too.

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Best Bitzz is a quick video app that lets you capture, trim, and share your best moments.

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